Old Post Office Pavilion

Treat yourself to a special bonus before departure of our tour by arriving early at the Old Post Office Pavilion, located at 1101 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Early arrival will allow you time to tour the Old Post Office Pavilion, built in 1899 as a neighborhood revitalization project between The US Capitol Building and The White House. You can enjoy the magnificent beauty of the building’s interior and exterior designs of nearly extinct “Richardsonian Romanesque” architecture, boasting enormous columns which support its amazing arches. DC Tours - Old Post Office Pavilion

A Washington DC Landmark

In addition, The Old Post Office Pavilion is proudly recognized as A National Historic Landmark , and the first government building to house its very own electrical power plant sending current to more than 3,900 lights. The building’s 315-foot bell tower, which houses the official congress bell, makes it the third tallest building in the District of Columbia. A tasty collection of International restaurants will make your walk through the this building a truly unforgettable experience.

Preserving the Monument

Due to lack of government funds during the Great Depression, plans to demolish the building were halted only 15 years after its completion. Once the new post office was completed across the street on 12th street, the Old Post Office Pavilion functioned as office space for other government agencies until plans for a second attempt of demolition arose in the 1970s. Thanks to Nancy Hanks (chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts), and the D.C. Preservation League, the building was preserved. The Old Post Office Pavilion is also known as The Nancy Hanks Center in honor of her loyalty and dedication to its preservation.

A New Luxury Washington DC Hotel

Donald Trump has obtained the rights to convert the Old Post Office Pavilion into a luxury hotel. He is still negotiating some of the details, so it is not known when the hotel will open.

DC Night Tours - Old Post Office Pavilion

Old Post Office Pavilion at night