National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is an art museum located in Washington, D.C. It tells the stories of America through the individuals who established American culture through the visual arts, performing arts and new media.
The Portrait Gallery portrays poets and presidents, visionaries and villains, actors and activists.

Art Collection

The gallery’s collection is of nearly 20,000 works. It has paintings, sculpture, photographs and drawings. The National Portrait Gallery presents six permanent exhibitions which includs the expanded “America’s Presidents”, “America Origins, 1600-1900 ”and “20th Century Americans” featuring famous sports figures and entertainers.


The Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard is a year-round public gathering space. It is enclosed by a curving glass roof. The museums offer a variety of free public programs in the courtyard, including family days and musical performances. Free public wireless Internet access is available in the courtyard. The Courtyard Café offers casual dining.


All the portraits are organized to tell an abridged story of the United States, chapter by chapter and character by character.
They have individual rooms for periods of time, for example the American Revolution, Western frontier expansion, the Civil War, etc.. There are about 6-10 portraits for each period, each group encompassing people who embody that time, and each portrait paired with a 1 paragraph synopsis of that person.

An abundance of portraits

National Portrait Gallery is four floors of portraits. Prominent are can be categorized.

Struggle for Justice

Look at prominent figures who helped gain equal rights for disadvantaged groups and minorities. The Struggle for Justice Kiosk examines short clips from six different sections: Civil Rights, Labor Rights, Women’s Rights, American Indian Rights, Disabled Rights, and Gay and Lesbian Rights.

Contemporary Americans (1980-Present)

Portraits sitters such as John Waters, Amiri Baraka, LL Cool J, Bill and Melinda Gates, Cal Ripken Jr., and Shaquille O’Neal are interesting viewing portraits of Americans who have made significant impacts within the last 30 years.
America’s most well-known sports figures in a wide range of sports, including Muhammad Ali, Ty Cobb, Arthur Ashe, Magic Johnson, and a whole lot more. This exhibit appeal a lot due to all sports enthusiasts.
Hallmark of the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection is the Hall of Presidents, which contains portraits of nearly all American presidents. The portrait of John F. Kennedy by Elanie de Kooning stood out the most.
There are viewing areas within this area to watch some of the most famous speeches given by past American presidents.
It will be a great experience seeing the people face to face with their personality a truly representative portrait and getting the brief history lesson in their portrait descriptions.