Terms and Conditions

•OnBoard DC Tours employs a no refund policy for charters, tours, and other trips purchased in advance. Once a purchase is made, we reserve shuttles and reject other customers who ask to reserve seats on your dates of travel. We are always happy to re-schedule your trip to another date with 48-hours advance notice, subject to availability.
•Mixed group passengers are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages on board the OnBoard Shuttle. Charter groups and private tours may bring alcoholic beverages with permission.
•We endeavor to be ontime for all pickups and deliveries. When charter and private tour customers are late for scheduled departure times, additional fares of $100 per hour (prorated) for any delay caused by customers’ tardiness will be charged. However, we also reserve the right to leave on time, particularly for mixed-group tours, so please be at the designated pickup location at your scheduled time. If you have not arrived at the pickup location 10 minutes before your scheduled departure, we reserve the right to give your seats away to another customer. No refunds will be given for passengers left behind.
•Our drivers and tour guides are not authorized to change trip itineraries. Additional hours of OnBoard Shuttle rental can be arranged by contacting customer service up to the time of your departure, subject to availability. We encourage our customers to give us as much notice as possible if they wish to change their itinerary for private tours or events.
•OnBoard DC Tours cannot be responsible for personal items brought on our shuttles, so please make sure you take all your personal belongings with you when you depart our shuttles.
•We do not allow passengers to bring “carry-on” items on the OnBoard Shuttles. Small purses are okay, but all other bags and items should be left at your hotel. We reserve the right to search all bags and other items brought on board our shuttles.
•OnBoard Tours cannot be held responsible for delays or cancellations of customer trips that result from weather, traffic, or mechanical difficulties that may occur during your trip. We normally use 35-passenger and 25-passenger shuttles for our daily mixed-group tours. We often use 15-passenger vans for our private tours (see private tours pricing). We do not allow customers to pick and choose their vehicles; however, we do allow large same-party groups to stay together on one bus. Depending on demand and/or our service schedule, we reserve the right to substitute a full size motor coach with a bathroom on board for our mixed-group tours.
•We expect our customers to respect the OnBoard Shuttle and dispose of any trash generated during a trip. We also expect our customers to leave the shuttle in the same clean condition it was in at the beginning of your trip. We reserve the right to impose a fee for any damage done to the shuttle or any out of the ordinary cleaning made necessary by our passengers.
•We respect your privacy and will keep your contact information and email address confidential. We reserve the right to contact you to request feedback on how you enjoyed your trip and how you suggest that we improve upon our tour service.