Bus from New York City to Washington DC for the Inauguration

Bus from New York to Washington For
President Obama’s Inauguration in 2013

Celebrate Barack Obama’s Victory in Person!
Come celebrate with Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Washington DC. Watch the Inauguration in person — join in the celebration. You’ll be able to tell your grandchildren about this one.

Inauguration Shuttle Schedule
Our shuttles depart NYC at 1:00am on January 20, and return the same day, departing Washington DC at 8pm. The Inauguration starts at noon, so you will be there in plenty of time.

How close to Barack Obama Can You Get?

Be A Part of History

Our experienced staff at OnBoard DC Tours will scout out the best place to drop you off so you can get as close as possible. We can’t guarantee how close you will get to the ceremony–no one can. You may not be able to see much. Security will be tight. However, you will be as close to the action as security and crowd control will allow. Depending on traffic patterns and security regulations, we may drop you off at a Metro subway station so that you can take a train to get as close as possible. We do not provide tickets to the festivities. If you want to have access to the Inauguration ceremony, or to the parade, you will need to purchase tickets elsewhere. We suggest ebay.com. If you do not have tickets, the best place to hang out will likely be the National Mall, which is the large park between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument. There will be large video screens to view the festivities. The Mall is also only a couple blocks from Pennsylvania Avenue, where the parade will take place.

History in the Making

Just think about the fact that you can tell your grandchildren that you were in Washington, D.C., when the President was sworn in. You will have been there when President Obama gave his Inauguration speech.

Departure Location

Meet the shuttle at 1am at the Northwest Corner of 50th Street & 7th Avenue, in front of the Toast of Broadway (behind the Winter Garden Theater).

Return to NYC

Plan on meeting the buses back where you were dropped off. Buses will begin departing promptly at 8pm. Buses will arrive at Huntington at approximately 7:15pm. We encourage you to be at a Metro station no later than 5pm to make it back to Huntington on time. Lines to get on trains in DC will be extremely long. Trains will be full, so you may have to wait for several to pass before you can get on. Please leave enough time to get to the buses on time.

Want to buy a one-way ticket back to New York from Washington?

There are a few seats available. Tickets are $100 one-way. Tickets may be paid for with major credit or debit cards. People without reservations will be processed on a first-come, first served basis. Buses will depart from approximately two blocks away from the Huntington Metro Station (Last stop on the Yellow Line, Southwest of DC). Buses leave at 8pm on January 21 and drop off at Times Square as soon as we can get there.

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